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Total des notes:  13 .   69.23% l'ont apprécié.
Total des notes: 13 . 69.23% l'ont apprécié.
Description 11x11 Bloxx:
11x11 BLOXX is an entertaining puzzle game that is played on a gameboard with 121 tiles arranged in an 11x11 grid. Your task is to place groups of three colored stones so that they form horizontal or vertical rows. If you manage to form a complete row, this row will be cleared. You also receive points and coins. The longer a match lasts, the larger and more complex stones you can get. Always make sure to leave enough room for long L-shaped stones and large squares! For coins, you get boosters that help you in seemingly hopeless situations: Exchange your stones for a new set, delete a single tile, a larger area or all tiles of a specific color. The game ends when you can no longer place any stones. Reach the target score to unlock more levels with more complex layouts. Will you manage to complete all levels? Play 11x11 BLOXX now for free and find out!

Play 11x11 Bloxx with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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