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Total des notes:  483 .   81.78% l'ont apprécié.
Total des notes: 483 . 81.78% l'ont apprécié.
Description Angry Birds 2:
The Crazy Birds are back! Once again they fight to defend themselves against the pigs that want to expel the birdies from their own land. The pigs did set up fortresses already, but these birds wouldn't be known as Crazy Birds, if some walls could hold them back! Whether it's wood or stone, for those birdies it doesn't matter, as they just dive into the walls head first and crush them. And if they fail there always even crazier birds to follow. Use the different abilities of the crazy birds to defeat the army of enemy pigs. Play Crazy Birds II now for free! Set up the slingshot and get ready to aim, shoot and destroy all the enemy structures and the angry pigs.

Play Angry Birds 2 with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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