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Total des notes:  25 .   68% l'ont apprécié.
Total des notes: 25 . 68% l'ont apprécié.
Description Deux Blocs:
Two Blocks is a fun and casual brain-teasing game for players of all ages. The gameplay is easy accessible - connect two or more blocks of the same color in order to remove them from the board. Connections can be either horizontal or vertical and as long as you want. Build a square out of blocks of one color to remove all blocks of this color from the board. If you manage to trap other blocks in a square, the trapped blocks will turn into bombs that help you clear even more blocks with less moves. Two Blocks features 80 levels of slowly increasing difficulty and with various objectives. The game starts pretty easy with clearing a certain amount of colored blocks. Later levels become a bit more tricky and the player has to face obstacles, such as crates, bricks or ice. The key to solve all levels and objectives is to clear blocks strategically to create long connections and squares! Are you ready to prove your intelligence and strategic skills?

Play Two Blocks with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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