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Total des notes: 1 . 100% l'ont apprécié.
Description Ferme De Charme:
Enter the Magic Forest in this fun community MMO game. Use your magic spells to cultivate wonderful crops on your magic forest farm. The evil wizard Garp has attacked the Magic Forest, the natural habitat of the cute, fluffy Shmoos. Their guardian fairy, Kaya, has been driven away. Now the Shmoos need your help to restore the forest. Complete thousands of exciting quests to help the Shmoos with your magic spells and mana potions. Build new places for the Shmoos to live, take care of the plants, and restore the Magic Forest's mana sources to prevent Garp from coming back. Can you return the magic to this fairy tale world? Have fun playing!

Play Charm Farm with your mouse, tablet, iPad, iPhone or mobile phone


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