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Total des notes:  26 .   88.46% l'ont apprécié.
Total des notes: 26 . 88.46% l'ont apprécié.
Description Magic Card Saga:
Magic Card Saga takes you to a journey of card game challenges under the baking sun of the caribic. The game is loosely based on the classic Solitaire rules. To clean up the field you can collect cards that are one above or below your base card. To make things even more fun, you can buy helpful extras from the points you earned. A joker can be any card you want it to be, extra cards give you more flexibility and third extra card instantaneously unlocks the gold cards you have to capture to finish the level. Will you make the right decisions and end the level with enough points to score three stars?

Play Magic Card Saga with your mouse or touchscreen.


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